We want to find ways to make everyone’s camping trips a breeze!

  1. Store your spices in tic tac containers: to keep them dry so you don’t have to take a whole container.
  2. Prepare meals before you leave: cut up salad and precook mice for tacos or Nachos.
  3. Line your tent or gazebo with foam tiles: for comfortable sleeping and walking
  4. Line your hiking bag with a rubbish bag: to ensure that the contents stay dry
  5. Use silica packs to reduce rust on cookware
  6. Use bread tags as clothes pins
  7. If you run out of kinderling, use corn chips!
  8. Crack eggs ahead of time and store the in a water bottle for an easy breakfast
  9. Dry your shoes overnight: remove the insoles and put dirty t-shirts inside
  10. DIY Lantern: Using a water bottle and a headlamp!

We hope these small tips make your trip a more enjoyable one!