Staying active on long trips is vital for all drivers and adventurers. Implementing small bursts of physical activity on long trips ensures drivers stay alert and healthy whilst spending days on the open road. These are some small activities which can easily be implemented anywhere; petrol stations, rest stops or side roads.

Resistance bands:

Resistance bands can be used on the side of the road to not only stretch your arms and legs but also strengthen your entire body wherever you are.

Activity tip: Stand upright with your resistance band around your ankles, push and lift your right ankle sideways ten times, the repeat with your left leg. This will strengthen your gluteus and stabalise your muscles after driving and sitting for long periods.


Staying hydrated:

Ensure you are regularly drinking water to avoid dehydration whilst driving, as this can lead to tiredness and headaches. Having enough water when driving also ensures muscles wont tense as frequently or intensely.

Activity tip:  Buy a small fridge for the middle seat of your back row, or a thermos water bottle to keep drinks cool.

Toss a ball:

Sounds stupid right? This will help you refocus and regain spacial awareness and alertness. This is a very medial task which can be done standing on either side of the car.

Activity tip: Take a rubber ball & either play a game of handball or toss it to one another from either side of your vehicle.

Eat healthy:

MEAL PREP! It will be a lifesaver. Having healthy meals boxed up, ready & waiting in your fridge will make eating well and cost effectively on the road a breeze.

Activity tip: Buy fresh produce from your local market & make meals before you hit the road, pre-cut some fruit for road trip snacks instead of stopping for fast food.